Welcome to Operation Equip

Operation Equip is a domestic non-profit that specializes in the collection of old laptops and desktop computers for wipe, repair, consolidation, and redistribution. It was created to help bridge the digital divide by providing free computers loaded with educational resources to children, schools and nonprofit organizations that cannot afford to purchase their own computers.

Children caught in the digital divide today often struggle in school because they do not have access to the necessary tools for their research, homework and development of computer skills that are required in today’s society. These children are missing out on critical elements involved in today’s educational system. Technology is a game changer, and providing access to computers, software and online resources for those in need is a way to empower individuals and organizations in a multitude of profound and life-changing ways. If we can expand the minds of children and get them used to using computers, we can give them a hand up in education and teach them skills that will be invaluable in their future.

This is just the beginning to an idea. We believe that this could be a very effective project to help improve the quality of life where it is needed most; in our communities.

Join us #OpEquip